Thursday, May 26, 2022


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Arts & CultureLearning in Retirement courses in now in their 4th successful year.

Learning in Retirement courses in now in their 4th successful year.

Several Canadian Universities have been giving “Learning in Retirement” programs, consisting of lecture series lasting a few weeks.  These courses are not for University credit, and are intended for general education of older people.  Almonte resident Don Wiles was on the Committee at Carleton for several years, and was essentially director of the program for a while. After he left that Committee, it struck him that the program could be expanded into Almonte.  The thought was that it would still be under the sponsorship of Carleton University.

The courses  started in the Fall of 2009, and ran four or five such courses each year until the Spring of 2012.  At that point, it appeared that Carleton was no longer able to expand into Almonte, so Don continued in Almonte in the Fall of 2012 under a new aegis – the Almonte Development Society (an umbrella group designed to supervise and monitor various educational ventures, including the Almonte Lectures and Learning in Almonte, and perhaps professional development courses)

Twenty-four of the courses have been given to date, with an average enrolment of about 22.  Each participant must register in advance, and is required to pay $75.  This money is currently saved for various ultimate uses within the Almonte community.  (Earlier, the money was given to Carleton University)  Unlike the Almonte Lectures, these lecturers are paid a nominal fee for organizing and presenting the courses.

Currently the courses are given on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, from 1:30 until about 3:30, in the Library Classroom. Each course lasts six weeks.

We have two courses planned to start in January and two more to start in March.

The courses planned for January are:

Don Wiles: Nuclear Power and its Problems                            starting Tuesday, 14 January

WarrenThorngate: The Psychology of Competition               starting Thursday, 16 January

Don hopes to have Eric Weichel on Precolumbian Art to start in March, and perhaps also a series on a play by Shakespeare.  This last has not been confirmed.

Information and registration is through Don Wiles: 256-4376, or




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