Have you wondered where many of Almonte’s murals have disappeared to? At one time more than 17 friendly faces were speckled across downtown. These windows into the past helped us share the stories of our history, reminding us of people who made important contributions to our town.

Unfortunately, while we love our Canadian climate, the highs and lows, snow storms and bright sunshine has been extremely hard on this outdoor art. To preserve what’s left we’ve been moving them into storage.

These murals have be retouched and refurbished several times already, thanks to local artists and volunteers. Sadly, the paint just doesn’t want to stick anymore. So… it’s time to recreate them.

Do you love and miss our murals? We’re looking for your help.

With the help of local volunteers Noreen Young and Laurel Cook we’re working to bring the missing murals back to Downtown Almonte.  We have some money budgeted for materials, and are now looking for artists, volunteers and sponsors for help. This project will involve transferring to new boards, almost starting from scratch.

Artistic? We know your time is valuable. If you’re looking for a rewarding volunteer project we could use your help. We are fundraising with the hopes of offering small honouriums to artists.

Just a little artistic and want to be involved? We have a variety of jobs to do. If you’re interested in learning and want to support the project we may be able to pair you with a more experienced artist and have you a ‘paint’ by number.

Not artistic at all but still want to help? We’re also looking for sponsors and benefactors to donate to the cause. We hope to be able to provide artists with honourariums in recognition of their time and talent.

Next step will be a brainstorming meeting with anyone, and everyone interested in helping with this initiative. For more information and to register for the meeting please call or email me at 613-256-1077 or  tmaclaren@mississippimills.ca