by Noreen Young 

Last night I went to the Almonte Old Town Hall to see the latest offering from the Valley Players – “Marion Bridge”, written by Canadian playwright, Daniel MacIvor.

I have always been a great admirer of the work of actors Catherine Clark, Tracey Julian and Jennifer Pfitzer and really wanted to see them perform together in this play that I’d heard so much about.   I wasn’t disappointed.  The performance of these three strong and gifted women was simply outstanding.   It was a tour de force.

If you have the opportunity, try and catch one of the show dates: Sunday the 17that 2:00, Thursday the 21st, Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd at 8:00.  It’s well worth it.

In this character-driven play, set in Cape Breton, three adult sisters gather together to await the death of their mother.  Agnes (Catherine Clark), “the unconventional one”, has returned from Toronto where she has found more disappointment than success as an actress.  Theresa (Tracey Julian), “the good one”, still lives at home and has found religion to ease her bitterness, while Louise, “the strange one” and the only one of the three not to be named after a saint, lives her life through her favourite TV programs.

In this humourous and touching story, the three sisters attempt to sort out their lives and to come to terms with what they wanted to be and what their mother wanted them to be.  Cathy, Tracey and Jenny did a magnificent job and performed together like a well oiled team.  Bravo!!

The Marion Bridge of the title is a rural community in Cape Breton and its bridge crosses the Mira River, one of Nova Scotia’s longest and widest rivers.  Marion Bridge was made famous through a popular Canadian song written by Allister MacGillivray, entitled “Song for the Mira’, which contained the refrain:

Can you imagine a piece of the universe,
More fit for princes and kings?
I’ll trade you ten of your cities for Marion Bridge,
And the pleasure it brings.