Thursday, August 18, 2022
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It’s a flood — of submissions, that is

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Letters to the EditorMill of Kintail - thoughts on the Master Plan

Mill of Kintail – thoughts on the Master Plan

These are some of my thoughts having read the * Master Plan*  of The Mill of Kintail.
The trails are the hub of The Mill of Kintail. To cut some of these trails out, and pack everything into basically ONE –(refer to map at bottom of page) -with a few smaller trails off of this one artery in the upper part of the woods only, destroys the purpose of their original existance, and is too restrictive for freedom and enjoyment. The hayfield is also a big part of the trails, with the connection of all the aromas of the flowers and grasses, the butterflies and raptors etc. not to mention the deer and other wildlife. The marshy areas of the White Trail could be resolved with some wooden structures built to
help the plant systems to be free from disturbances.
If a Bobolink needs a hayfield to nest in, why would we be turning  part of a hayfield into a parking lot? (it would be quite a size to fit buses that could turn around, people with disability vehicles and regular cars and trucks.)  What about the field by the gatehouse that is sitting empty most of the year until Christmas? that could accommodate regular cars and trucks. The buses and people with disabilities could park by the roundabout at the education centre that is already in place for drop off for activities.   A parking lot in the hayfield by the road closer to the Mill, will be nothing other than another abuse to Nature, let alone a huge horror that besets the beauty and tranquility of the place.
Exercise is another thing that is highly emphasized, so what about walking down the road or trail from the present parking lot, like we have been doing all along – I am sure most of the people who go to The Mill of Kintail would be quite happy to still do this, as they go there mainly to hike ski, snowshoe etc. anyway.
Balance and harmony  is required to be stewards, without loosing the magic of such a beautiful place.   It is time to honour and respect our environment.
The Master Plan is available at Mississippi Conservation Authority  10970 Hwy 7. Carleton Place. On. K7C 3P1
Contacts:           Craig Cunningham– Environmental Planner (Ottawa)—T.613 253 0006 x 229         E.
                          Suzanne McFarlane – Community Relations Coordinator  T. 613 253 0006 x 225    E.
Clare Bryce.




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