by Edith Cody-Rice 

left to right: Tim Danaher, Sian Aldred and Darlene Bamford help out as Santa’s elves at Mill Street Books.

Mill Street Books has become a central literary institution in Mississippi Mills, offering not only books for sale, but book clubs, special events and great reading advice.  Last Saturday, December 9,  mimosas, Equator coffee, cinnamon buns, fruit and yogurt and mini quiches were on offer at Mill Street Books as Mary and Terry Lumsden opened up at 8:30am for breakfast treats. Sian Aldred took charge of preparing the treats and friends stepped in to help serve while Debbie MacNeil, Mary and Terry were busy recommending books and offering free samples. Mary  said of her customers, “We appreciate those who choose to shop in our store and it was time to say thanks and Merry Christmas!”

Mary Lumsden co-owner of Mill Street Books. selects a volume while Sandra Salmins of Pêches & Poivre peruses the shelves on Saturday morning
Alice, Sean, Harriet and Jessica Norris