Friday, December 2, 2022
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LivingMM is on MoneySense lists of top Canadian communities

MM is on MoneySense lists of top Canadian communities

by Brent Eades

While we didn’t quite crack the coveted Top 25 list — Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills were neck-and-neck at #26 and #27 — we generally fared very well in MoneySense magazine’s annual “Canada’s  Best Places to Live” report, released today.

The report evaluates an array of quality-of-life factors, weighted in descending order of importance:

  1. Wealth and economy
  2. Affordability
  3. Population growth
  4. Taxes
  5. Commute
  6. Crime
  7. Weather
  8. Access to health care
  9. Amenities and culture

It compares 415 communities across the country, and considers specific indicators like family income, housing costs, access to public transit, property taxes and the number of doctors per capita, among others. (Our #27 spot on the list is a 12-point jump from #39 last year.)

We do even better on some sub-components of the report — Mississippi Mills is ranked #14 out of 150 for best Ontario communities, #12 for affordable housing nationwide and #17 for healthcare nationwide.

You can also ‘create your own ranking’, changing the weighting of factors to see how they affect a community’s place on the list. This lets you measure things that matter more to you personally. Giving heavy weighting to ‘health accessibility’ and ‘arts & community’, for instance, boosts us to #1 on the list.





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