‘We’re all in this together’… words we will remember for a long time to come.

‘MM Together’ is one way that our community has helped to realize this pledge. With a commitment to both supporting local businesses and residents through these times MM Together has raised funds locally to do just that.

Volunteer shopper Tracy Lamb

And now, in partnership with Carebridge Community Support, we are seeing the results of this community energy.  In addition to raising funds, MM Together is implementing important strategies to bring support and relief to those in need.

The ‘Circle of Care’ project is designed to reach out to community members who are isolated, anxious or alone.  In collaboration with local businesses and residents of Mississippi Mills cards are being purchased and donated. Through residents and volunteers, messages of support and encouragement will be sent to those who may be particularly impacted during these times.

Family Fun Packs is are designed to support families with children from the ages of 3 – 12, particularly families who are struggling financially. This has been a particularly challenging time for families. Entertaining gift packages will be provided to bring joy to children and parents alike.

Senior packages will bring happiness to seniors who could use a boost. Living through the pandemic has cut off social contacts for everyone.  Seniors may find themselves particularly isolated in these times. A small gift to reach out will bring a positive glow to their day.

Grocery delivery has been provided through Carebridge and MMTogether for a number of weeks and deliveries continue. Residents who are challenged to get to the grocery store can call in their order and have their groceries delivered to their homes through a network of volunteers.

Grocery vouchers are available for those financially stretched who would benefit from a bit of relief.

A delicious takeout dinner is available for those in need. Working with local restaurants a wonderful meal is delivered to your home to give a spark of relief to those feeling particularly overwhelmed.

Masks MM Together is supporting production of masks made by a group of community volunteers. The masks are available to residents either with a donation or free of charge for those finding their budget is tight.

These projects are all being done in partnership with our local businesses to support them through these times. A big shout out to those who have supported this initiative, the donors, busineses and volunteers who have made it all possible.

Need help? Call the MM Together confidential phone line at 343-571-2312 or e-mail mmtogether@carebridge.ca.

Looking for ways to support these efforts? Go to carebridge.ca to donate.

Carebridge is one of Lanark County’s largest, most established non-profit agencies in health care and social services sectors and the region’s largest affordable housing provider.