Like to think about the music you love? So do I.

I’m a local composer and music theory teacher. Every week I meet individually with students around the world, to share deep discussions about music composition and improvisation. My students live in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, and we get together via video chat to work on musical problems that range from the minutiae of Baroque counterpoint to the harmonic and melodic complexities of modern jazz.

Advanced music theory can seem daunting and remote. This is often the case for those who first encountered it in school or university, where student-teacher ratios prohibit individualized learning. One-on-one video chat enables me to address the specific, individual needs of each student, helping them develop the skills necessary to achieve their particular goals.

As “Meridian”, a Blue Man from the Blue Man Group kindly said and allowed me to share: “Studying with Michael is a true mentorship in music. Unlike the rigid pace and fixed curriculum of a conservatory program, I explore music at my own pace and with focus on what interests me, all while getting truly excellent and thorough instruction in the building blocks of music. I highly recommend!”

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