Thursday, May 19, 2022


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The Ice War Diplomat, Gary J. Smith, comes to Almonte

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Highlights of the May 17 2022 Council Meeting

Last night, the start of Council began...

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Letters to the EditorReply to Jeff Cavanagh's recent open letter

Reply to Jeff Cavanagh’s recent open letter

August 8, 2014Enerdu

Thank for your entry into the Enerdu debate. You mean well but have incompletely represented your case. The devil is always in the details which are missing. No one argues for the benefit of Hydro power or the short-term economic benefits during construction despite temporary disruptions to Almonte – that is a given. But long range problems remain which you wrap in platitudes and obfuscations. They are:

1. How exactly will Enerdu benefit Almonte? What will be the yearly tax paid to the city of Almonte or to the province?

2. How many permanent employees will the plant require? I believe this type of plant can be monitored and operated remotely.

3. The issues of both audible and inaudible sound as well as EMR and EMF energy affecting health are not addressed. (see previous letter dated July 31, 2014)

4. Flash floods have become part of Global Warming. How is this mitigated for in your plan?

5. The irrefutable fact remains: should homes near the plant be exposed to a power generation plant?

6. Are there other power plants located directly in towns in Ontario? If so, what is their history?

Does Almonte want to be a guinea pig?

Given the aforementioned details – to which I welcome your responses – it would be best for the Almonte citizen to be cautious and apply the Precautionary Principle.

The united power and determination of the Almonte citizens can put a constraint on your profit motives at the expense of the democratic majority. I ask you to please take the will of the people to heart and abort this project or locate it at a less controversial site.


Peter Heise, Golden Line Road, Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0

– A people of sheep will eventually invite a government of wolves. Jefferson




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