Figure 1: Current powerhouse
Figure 1: Current powerhouse

Dear Mayor Levi,

With all due respect, your response to Ted and Jennie Legg’s letter in the Millstone illustrates that you are grossly out of touch with the tax-payers, business owners and community which you are charged with representing.

A great many of your constituents are opposed to the Enerdu project and have voiced legitimate concerns as to its negative impact on existing downtown business, tourism, the community at large and question how green the effects will truly be to our local wetlands. I would argue that this issue has raised more concern among residents than any other in the past 3.5 years. I can’t think of a more constructive use of my political energy than supporting my views against Enerdu. Your dismissive response to the contrary is both disappointing and ignorant.

Media attention via CBC, CTV and the Ottawa Citizen has sparked support from beyond our town’s limits and it’s disheartening that you, as mayor, weren’t front and center, leading the charge. What is your motivation in backing one individual’s business venture at the expense of so many? I dare suggest the only person holding any “special interest” here is Jeff Cavanaugh.

Mayor Levi, I ask you to please reconsider your position on the Enerdu project. Listen to your constituents, talk to your Councillors. Passing a Heritage District Study By-Law would illustrate that you are listening to the community’s objections and are truly committed to those you represent.


Christa Lowry