Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Science & NatureEnvironmentPakenham Public School saves energy!

Pakenham Public School saves energy!

What is the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge?

by Kayla, Brooklyn, Alyssa and Keelin, Grade 6

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is when you complete 25 different challenges about saving energy. It is sponsored by Canadian Geographic. Throughout these challenges we’ve learned how to save energy in many different ways. For example we’ve learned how much water one person uses in a day. One person throughout a day uses 3496L of water! Do you know why? That’s how much water it takes for the food production.

As a class we found out we were using too much energy. We learned about our carbon footprint, and found out how far our food travels from around the world! The classroom energy diet challenge helps us know what we need to do to save energy.

Some of our favourite challenges were Post it, Windy city, the Video challenge and Get growing.

For the Post It challenge we had to create a sculpture using recycled materials. Some of the sculptures included cities/towns, animals and robots. Our class brought in different supplies from home that were straight from the recycling bin.

For Get Growing we learned to take care of plants by giving them sunlight and water. Some of the different plants that we planted are: beans, Aster (FLOWERS) and African daisies. We also planted our apple and orange seeds! Right now we are watching which plants are growing the fastest. So far the African Daisy and the Aster (flower) are growing the fastest.

Now let’s talk about Windy City. For Windy City we had to create a map of the schoolyard and learned how to make an anemometer (that measures wind speed). We learned which areas of our schoolyard are the windiest.

Also we had to complete the Video Challenge. To complete the Video Challenge we had to create a one minute video and script about how to save energy in multiple ways, like turning off unused lights, carpooling, riding a bike and not leaving water running.

Through the Energy Diet Challenge we learned to be more energy efficient. We need to take care of our environment to slow down global warming. We want a future for ourselves and other generations.





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