by Brent Eades

It’s an afternoon and evening of music in Almonte as PorchFest gets underway, with a roster of performers playing on porches and balconies around town.

The outdoor shows end at 6 pm and after-parties happen at venues through the evening. Some photos, with the complete schedule below:

Locations and times

This is the place for porch locations and artist performance times for PorchFest de Mississippi Mills. Plus the After-Parties!

After each band description you can click on the yellow-highlighted address text for a map view. Or try clicking on the green guitar icons in the interactive map directly below.

All performances will be between 3PM-6PM on Sat. June 16th.

There’s even MORE music at the After-Party/Jam at Equator Coffee Roasters from 6pm – 8pm, sponsored by Equator and Crooked Mile Brewing. AND THEN check out the After-After-Party/Jam at The Barley Mow Pub from 8pm – 10pm.

3PM – 4PM

New Sounds: This band of Ottawa-area high school students enjoys playing various styles of jazz and is looking to see what their generation can offer the music. Featuring Matthew Roberts on trumpet, Vincent Ribberink on piano, Adison Rossiter on bass, and Mike Furlong on drums. Porch address: 80 Queen St., Almonte

The Ragged Flowers: Almonte’s neo-psychedelic folk-rock flower children burst onto the local cafe scene in the 90s. Featuring George Birchall on guitar and melodeon, Ian Douglas on piano and drums, Steve Reside on guitar and rhythmics, Rob Riendeau and bass and Nathan Sloniowski on guitar and electric uke. Porch address: 99 Elgin St., Almonte

Richocheted: In the beginning a man and a woman came together and found a love of racket making in an attempt to rattle the world’s eardrum. From there the two have known no musical bounds, like a ball ricocheting off a wall. Ricocheted is Elsbeth Farrell on vocals and her husband Pat Farrell on guitar.  Porch address: 54 Martin St. N., Almonte

Josie Patenaude: For a thrilling acoustic ride from Rockland, Josie Patenaude’s unplugged duo with her guitarist Sébastien Lariviere promises a bilingual musical experience mixed with covers and originals. Every song features Josie’s expressive, powerful voice that alternatively whispers and soars to musical highs! Porch address: 252 William St., Almonte

4PM – 5PM

Alex George: is a 17-year-old fiddler/violinist who has been entertaining crowds since the age of 8. He loves old time fiddle, has a wide repertoire of Ottawa Valley, Maritime, and Celtic tunes and is a recipient of the 2017 Danny O’Connell Memorial Award. 197 Mitcheson St., Almonte

Brad Scott: An astounding finger-style guitar player, this talented Pakenham musician and producer has played on dozens of records and singles over the years for artists such as Ali McCormick, The Bowes Brothers, Freddy Dixon, Jamie and Jeff McMunn, and many more! Porch address: 105 Union St. N., Almonte

Jen Noxon and The Brindled Cats: This Almonte trio of veteran folk and jazz musicians is made up of Jen Noxon on guitar and suitcase, Rob McMurray on guitar and Brendan Gawn on stand-up bass. They serve up cover tunes and original songs in toe-tapping hip folk, jazz and swing. Opening will be Jen’s Rhythm and Song Choir. Porch address: 255 William St., Almonte

Lost: Pet Pigeon. This full-on harmonies Almonte band showcases original songs of parody and wit from the members of Judge A Book – Mike Wattie on guitar and mando. Steve Martin on guitar and bass and Jonas Barter on bass, djembe, and guitar. Porch address: 93 Queen St., Almonte

5PM – 6PM

umberlune: A singer-songwriter from Perth, umberlune offers her audiences a rich, silky and passionate voice embellished by deep-hearted storytelling. She delivers folk music with side helpings of rock, soul and blues along with her trusty Gretsch Falcon acoustic guitar. Porch address: 258 St. George St., Almonte

Somerset Combo: Mood and groove drive this duo’s choice of songs from the Great American Songbook as well as superb interpretations of pop tunes. Featuring Ric Denis on guitar and Tony Stuart on clarinet/saxophone. Porch address: 140 Brougham Street, Almonte

DLUX: This six-piece sonic powerhouse from the Perth area performs an eclectic mix of known and more obscure material from rock, blues and R&B genres plus some standards. Martin Rennick on stand up bass. Dave Card on drums. Vicki Hanes on guitar, vocals. Diana Smith on vocals. Jerrard Smith on guitar, lap steel, viola, vocals. David Pollard on guitar, vocals.

Porch address: 113 Queen St., Almonte

Christa Lowry Quartet: The quartet plays baroque and classical standards from the brass repertoire as well as light jazz and traditional favourites. Christa Lowry on trumpet, Laurel Ralston, trumpet, Cynthia Yuschyshyn on trombone, and Colin Williamson on bass trombone. Porch address: 65 Mill St., Almonte

6PM – 8PM

After-Party Jam at Equator Coffee Roasters co-sponsored with Crooked Mile Brewing, with sonic reinforcement courtesy of Brendan Gawn: 451 Ottawa St, Almonte

8PM – 10PM

After-After Party Jam at The Barley Mow Almonte: 79 Little Bridge St, Almonte (along the Riverwalk, or behind Mill Street and shops like Baker Bobs and Tin Barn Market, through the arched brick alley)