The Committee to reform Municipal Government in Mississippi Mills

An unsigned letter critical of the Municipal Council appeared in the offices of the Municipality and was published in the Millstone News. Interesting that it received the right to be published. This is apparently against their protocol for publication.

It is unfortunate that this has taken place. Staff should not be made to feel uncomfortable in their place of work. On the other hand there are a lot of people out there very critical of Council’s decisions and the lack of connect with affected ratepayers.

Two members of PRATAC were contacted after the Special Council meeting on February 28th to point out to them that a letter had been received and that it was from “A Committee” the implication being that it might be from PRATAC? One of our members present suggested that if it were a threat the police should be called. The Mayor entered the discussion at this point to say that the Police had been contacted. Unaware of the contents of the “letter” I went to the Police Station on Thursday morning to make sure that if there were implications that they would know who to contact. In fact, no complaints had been filed by the Municipality.

Let me assure you that we have no knowledge of who the author might be. If PRATAC has something to say to Council it will not be done by means of an unsigned letter.  The 2018 election is coming up and it would appear that the intent of that letter was an attempt to discredit PRATAC and any candidate whom we may choose to support.

We are not interested in intimidating anyone. We are interested in having Council pay more attention to the electorate, in listening to them and making them part of the decision making process.

Brian Gallagher,
President of PRATAC