I take issue with any analyses made by Ms. Cody-Rice regarding the above, especially in her “Analysis of Signatories to the Proposed downtown heritage assessment study‘letters of intent’. Ms. Cody-Rice has listed me among the owners, she is right. However, she goes a step further by placing an asterisk beside a property I own on Brae Street. The asterisk denotes a “Property that does not exist”. Attached to this correspondence is a Tax Bill from the Town of Mississippi Mills, which clearly denotes “ Plan 6262 part lot 52”. The Town recognizes this land as a separate taxable property in the Town of Mississippi Mills. The Tax department of the Town is very efficient. They do not send people Tax Bills for property they do not own. Certainly not for property that doesn’t exist! I have been paying taxes on this particular property for more than 20 years. There is a survey plan.

I do not know where Ms. Cody-Rice got her information, however my being able to factually prove this small portion of the “analysis” to be incorrect, it could easily follow that any other aspect of her “analysis” could be viewed as being suspect. It is the responsibility of newspaper people (especially an Editor as well as a Lawyer) to be sure of their facts before you begin to cast aspersions that have the potential of effecting people’s reputations and lives.

I have lived in this community for more than forty years. I have worked hard to support a wide variety of community endeavours. I have willingly given of my time and resources to make this community a better place in which to live. I believe I have earned a solid reputation and I take exception to anyone who would attempt to spread untruths about me. I have never signed anything regarding myself or my family that is not fact. To suggest anything to the contrary is nothing short of being offensive to me and to my family. Shame on you!

I caution “The Millstone” to be very careful about publishing articles, under the name of The Editor that are incorrect and unsubstantiated, especially under the guise of the word “analysis”, which has a tendency to make the writer of such articles appear to be an expert analyst!!!

Now that I have proven to your readers that in this instance you were, I can’t help but wonder if you have what it takes to apologize?

Reg Gamble

Owner, 52 Brae Street, Town of Mississippi Mills.


That would be the land directly behind the Bank of Montreal. It is well posted as a private parking area. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed. That is if the Tow Truck operator can find the lot that doesn’t exist!!! It would be the one that has up to 13 vehicles parked on it at any given time.

Editors Note: We unreservedly apologize to Mr. Gamble for any confusion or misunderstanding. He did provide a tax bill which shows that he owns Part Lot 52 on Brae Street. The street address of that property is 77 Brae Street. In the analysis of the documentation provided by Mr. Gallagher, the individual property owners of the town were not searched to see what else they owned in Almonte, only the properties identified by the owners were searched. Mr. Gamble had signed a letter of intent for a property at 52 Brae Street.  Thus, the small vacant lot that Mr. Gamble owns on Brae street was not located at that time as, according to registration documents the street address #52  Brae Street does not exist. A subsequent search of Mr. Gamble’s name does identify a vacant lot on Brae Street registered to him, but the street address of that lot is 77 Brae Street, not #52. The legal description of the property is Part Lot 52, Plan 6262.The lot is essentially a laneway, of 32 feet wide by 115 feet deep, with 32 feet of frontage on Brae Street.  There is a small (approx 10×10) storage shed on the property.