Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Arts & CulturePublisher packs pub

Publisher packs pub

Not content to release just one book, Shaun has released two – and both are available at Mill Street Books in Almonte.  Mary and Terry Lumsden, owners of Mill Street Books, organized the evening and were there with the two books available for buying and signing.

 “The Patriot War along the New York-Canada Border/Raiders and Rebels” is an historic description of a little known war – an historical oddity -  fought between 1837 and 1842 along the New York – Canada border.  “Not a war between nations, but a war of ideals fought by like-minded people against the greatest military power of the time” (from the Preface).This history book published by The History Press (, recalls the stories, triumphs and sacrifices of brave men on both sides of the border. 

Shaun describes his second book, Counter Currents, as “history illuminated by fiction”.  A story of smugglers, river pirates, love, war and freedom fighters in 1838, it is self published by Shaun’s company Raiders and Rebels Press and illustrated by his artist wife, Amelia Ah You. 

During his reading at The Barley Mow, Shaun admitted that “Counter Currents”, as a book of fiction, was not as easy to write as a history book based on the documented facts of “The Patriot War”. 

“As a journalist, I’m more comfortable writing history than fiction.  History is all about researching, following the facts and putting together a news story.  With fiction, having to come up with your own storyline and your own characters is much more challenging.” 

Reviews of both books will appear soon in the Millstone. 

Photo: ©David Caughey 2012




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