Monday, November 28, 2022
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Letters to the EditorReader concerned about dangerous driving on March Road

Reader concerned about dangerous driving on March Road

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Something has to be done about the March Road commute before someone is killed.

Too many impatient drivers are taking unnecessary risk at passing even when traffic is moving at 90Km/hr.

Maybe if the OPP & Ottawa police can sit and patrol between 6:00AM and 8:00 AM they will see what I mean.  March Road is becoming the new HWY 7 before they made it a 4 lane highway.

We moved to Almonte 3 years ago and enjoyed the commute to Ottawa, it was an unwinding drive but lately it seems to be getting worse, so bad that we try to avoid using March road as much as possible.  We love Almonte for the small town pace, now we feel we are losing that and would like to know how we get that back.  If these impatient drivers are people who moved from the city to Almonte maybe they should move back to the city where the rat race is.  We are trying to get away from the rat race not bring it to the small towns.  It is unfortunate that we have a few more years yet till retirement.  This commute just makes us want to retire sooner so we don’t have to go into Ottawa anymore because Almonte really has everything we need.  We chose Almonte as our retirement residents after a long search from west coast Canada to east coast, that has a lot to say about Almonte.

I predict there is going to be a lot of deaths on this road before something is done.  Also I need to mention my wife was run off the road by a red sports car trying to pass cars coming from the opposite direction even though this person saw they did not have time to pass but decided to continue passing.  Enough of this playing chicken, it is too dangerous!!

Tom Pelletier





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