I have been hearing rumours for about a year regarding the possibilities of closing some of the trails.

My heart was greatly saddened today when checking the Mississippi Valley Conservation trail map, that it indeed looks like the case. I find this beautiful place so incredibly calming and magical, with all of its diverse and amazing trails, and river – its like a Garden of Eden.To do something like this is very upsetting, as the plant life, birds and turtles etc. all live in harmony as they are – everything goes in cycles and is taken care of, so we should let nature be – and not interfere.
This place is supposed to be for everyone to enjoy, and to have these precious trails taken away in these difficult times, when people need nature’s healing is a travesty.
I am wondering if people are aware of what is happening here, and if they would consider helping to save our exquisite Mill of Kintail.
Clare Bryce