Monday, November 28, 2022
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Letters to the EditorReader sees Tim Hortons Drive-Thru as a major culprit in car idling

Reader sees Tim Hortons Drive-Thru as a major culprit in car idling


Tim Hortons

I read Teresa Peluso’s article with interest, especially about unnecessary idling of cars. Some municipalities have vehicle idling time bylaws, although they are very difficult to enforce and there are many exceptional cases. One area Teresa overlooked in vehicle idling is the Tim Hortons Drive-Thru window on Ottawa Street, in her own  community.

At peak hours the number of idling vehicles in the Drive-Thru line up, usually exceeds the number of vehicles parked  in the restaurant lot. This is true for any Tim Horton which offers drive through service.

Go  into a Tim Hortons for a coffee and discover one or two attendants servicing a large line up of in-restaurant customers versus 4 to 6 Tim Hortons employees servicing, idling, drive through vehicles. Tim Hortons offers a service guarantee from  the time a Drive-Thru order is placed until delivery and if the allocated time is exceeded, the order will be free.

It is likely a more efficient business plan to offer prompt drive through service, less interior space is required in servicing  customers and maximize employee hours on revenue generation versus cleaning tables. To the walk-in customer,  Tim Horton’s business plan encourages drive through service and unnecessary vehicle idling.

Perhaps the Millstone News should champion environmental issues by appealing to the worst offenders and Tim Hortons is an obvious one.


Stephen Collie




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