EDITOR’S NOTE: I agree with this letter entirely. I’ve had a few close calls in the traffic circle on my daily commute to the city. As the writer says, signalling where you mean to go is standard in most traffic circles elsewhere.

Earlier this week, returning from Ottawa, having survived the Queensway rush hour, I almost hit a van in the Almonte roundabout. The van looked like it might continue going to the right toward Dwyer Hill Road, but went left to continue around and head back toward Almonte. I jammed on the brakes at the last second. It was close!

We could learn a lesson in roundabout protocol from the UK. There, drivers signal every move both entering and within the roundabout. If they are in the roundabout and intend to exit, they signal. If they are coming into the roundabout and intend to stay and go around, they signal. So, you always know what their intentions are. In today’s episode with the van, I did not see if he entered the roundabout from Ottawa Street, or if he entered from the Appleton Side Road. In either case, a left turn signal would have been appreciated so I would know whether he were exiting right toward Dwyer Hill Road or staying left within the roundabout.

Most drivers do not signal their intentions. I am surprised there are not more accidents there. Perhaps it is just a matter of time.

Please signal!! It is courteous to other drivers. It is also a safety issue.

John Kittle 

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