Here’s a guide to the books, charts, magazines and software mentioned in the Night Sky Course.

 Resource  Rating  Author  Comments
Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics  ***** Zelik and Smith Second
Course used at Carleton U given by
the late Prof. Dan Kessler
Horizons ********** Michael Seeds  EXCELLENT textbook
Turn Left at Orion  ******** G Consolmagno, D Davis A *must* to learn starhopping    
Celestial Sampler ******** Sue French She also wrote Small Scope Sampler – Sky and Tel.
Messier’s Nebulae and Star Clusters ******** Kenneth Glyn Jones Superb observing guide and companion
Atlas of the Moon Rukl classic ref may be out of print
365 Starry Nights ****** Chet Raymo Nearly as good as Turn Left     
The Joy of Gazing  *** David Levy  Might be vanity press – tiny book
Deep Sky Objects  ********** David Levy Based a lot of the course on this – infectious joy!  
The Stars Belong to Everyone  **** Helen Sawyer Hogg Good and poetic explanation
The Stars  ***** H.A. Rey Good illustrations – concept book
The Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program **** Handbook from the RASC Must be RASC member
Star Charts
Pocket Sky Atlas ******** Roger Sinnott
Phillip’s Color Star Atlas ******* Cox and Monkhouse Important for understanding spectra –
Sky Atlas 2000 ******* Wil. Tirion Do your Messier and NGC certificate with this.
Sky and Telescope  **** sky publishing Focused on observing and imaging – american magazine
Sky News  ** RASC Canadian beginner magazine
Astronomy  **** the more popular american magazine
Journal of the RASC 2000 ***** RASC publication some
peer reviewed papers 
see also
Stellarium ********* Free Software Linux and Windows versions Use this to plan observations
Earth Centered Universe – Observer’s Handbook Edition ********