A Community Singing Experience

Join us to sing for FUN, well-being, and a sense of connection. 

Imagine, experience, and develop your voice with Jennifer Noxon


Because it is still not safe to sing in one room together, Rhythm & Song’s Community Choir fall 2020 session will take place virtually on ZOOM. Now, more than ever, we need uplifting activities that put us in touch with our voices, our musical bodies, and our breath. The goal of the weekly sessions is to energize you, to give you the feeling of being connected to others, to sing, to laugh, and to be part of a community. New singers are always welcome. 

Weekly sessions will take place on Monday afternoons. There are two options for joining us. The full 12-week session is the most economical, however, for those that want less of a commitment, you can sign up for the one, two, or three of the 4-week sessions. What is Rhythm & Song all about? Here are some FAQ:

How difficult/easy are the songs? Are recorded tracks and lyrics available?

  • Because we don’t use sheet music, the songs are taught by ear, in a traditional call and response fashion. Some songs are sung in unison, others in two-or-three part harmony. The songs vary in length, we generally start with short, energizing, easy-to-pick up songs for warming up that may have simple harmony parts, and move to longer songs -one or two- over the course of any 1.5 hour session. We begin by learning the melody and harmonies are added over the weeks. Some songs have uke, percussion, or guitar accompaniment. 
  • Yes, recorded parts in track form are made available, as are lyrics. 

What can I expect when singing with others virtually?

  • If you are not familiar with the ZOOM platform, I will be offering a short online workshop before the September sessions begin to give you a dry run and show you the basics. You will have to have someone help you download ZOOM beforehand. If you are a resident of Mississippi Mills, the Almonte Library has Tech Tutors that can help you do that. Otherwise, recruit a friend or family member who is tech savvy to help. It’s not rocket science but if you are intimidated by new technology, having someone at your side is helpful. https://www.missmillslibrary.com/free-tech-tutoring/
  • Singing virtually with others is not for everyone, but it does give you an opportunity to connect with others, gets you singing, and leaves people with a sense of well-being.

What kinds of songs do you sing?  We sing songs from the pop, world, roots, gospel and folk traditions.


There are some great things about singing on ZOOM. As long as one has a good internet connection, you can do it from your car, cabin, workplace or home. I have had singers join in from as far away as Victoria, BC. If you want to do something weekly with a sibling, adult child, good friend or ex-colleague please send them this info and you can share this singing experience. It’s always great to have new singers.

ABOUT THE VOICE and SINGING ON ZOOM – An extraordinary opportunity for those who are new to singing

The human voice is an amazing instrument and one of the most unique and expressively beautiful things about each one of us. There are many who were ‘musically wounded’ as children, or later in life, or perhaps you are shy and can’t quite work up the gumption to sing with others. Because no one else on ZOOM can hear what you are singing, this is a safe and extraordinary opportunity for you to play with your voice, exercise those lungs, make mistakes, stretch and grow your voice. Singing with the natural voice is about body and breath awareness, listening skills, and relaxation.

FAQ and MORE DETAILED INFO  Please visit www.jennifernoxon.com/choir  


MONDAY SEPT 14 – DEC 7      1-2:30 pm       Fee: $150

  • We will be doing songs covered in the themes below as well as songs from the roots and world traditions. And of course, I’ll throw in some body percussion as well!

For those who can only join us for part of the fall session, I have broken the twelve weeks into three four-week sessions.


Each four-week session is $55. 

MONDAY, SEPT 15 – OCT 5  1 – 2:30 pm Fee: $55


MONDAY, OCT 19 – NOV 9   1 – 2:30 pm         Fee: $55


MONDAY, NOV 16 – DEC 7   1 – 2:30 pm Fee: $55



Please send an email to randsalmonte@gmail.com stating your intentions. Fees are accepted by e-transfer, cheque or cash. Send e-transfer to randsalmonte@gmail.com.

I’m offering a one-time 15% reduction in fees, for those who sign up for the FULL fall session and bring a new singer on board. 

New singers who sign up for the first four-week session to try it out will get a pro-rated fee if they decide to continue for the full twelve weeks. 

Questions are always welcome. Contact Jennifer randsalmonte@gmail.com.