Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Arts & CultureShades of Ink

Shades of Ink

by Ingrid Kadoke

Spring has arrived in Almonte and, in welcome, The Corridor Gallery is thrilled to present a new exhibit “SHADES OF INK” – featuring the exquisite pen and ink nature drawings of Brenda Beattie .

Born and raised in Banff National Park, Brenda’s love and deep respect for the natural world was nurtured from a young age. While in high school, Brenda attended classes given by Holly Middleton, at the Banff School of Fine Arts (now the Banff Centre of the Arts). After high school, Brenda attended the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson, B.C. as well as studying under Ilda Lubane at the University of Alberta.

In 1991 Brenda and her family moved to Ottawa, where she met her mentor, Eleanor Milne (the then Dominion Sculptor of Canada). Continually learning, she has taken classes at the Ottawa School of Art from such artists as Gord Mackenzie and Blair Paul.
Pen and ink drawing is one of the most visually varied art practices in history. Dating back to ancient Egypt, ink drawing has been used over the centuries for many different types of art, from calligraphy to tattooing to art sketches and formal drawings.

Pitcher This 2

Brenda’s drawings offer us gorgeous studies and vignettes that explore the details of the natural world and how, at times, our manmade world intercepts and alters its beauty. In her work she captures stillness and movement, strength and fragility.

Turn your face to the sun

Please come and enjoy Brenda’s work, “SHADES OF INK” will be on view at the Mississippi Mills Public Library – Almonte Branch until July 8th, 2022.  All pieces are for sale with a portion of the proceeds will go towards library programs.

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