June 18, 2014

 Ms Muriel Kim
BluMetric Environmental Inc. via mkim@blumetric.ca
Ms Julie Harris
Contentworks Inc. via jharris@contentworks.ca

Comments on the DRAFT Heritage Impact Assessment for the Enerdu Project

Thank you for the opportunity to read and comment on the DRAFT HIA. I now understand why it was met largely with derision at the May 27 public meeting.

The report fails to recognize that it is our heritage landscape which defines so much of the town’s unique character, and is so highly valued by residents and visitors alike.

Profound changes to the heritage character of Almonte will result if the project is allowed to proceed. As noted in the report, these include:

  • The Enerdu Project will change the appearance of a key long-standing view up the river from the Number 2 falls and the Main Street Bridge;
  • The Enerdu Project will change the view from across the river;
  • The Enerdu Project will change the view of the Bridge Falls – the intake canal weir will become a more prominent feature within the view and part of area where the falls currently flow will be consumed by the headpond;
  • Concrete will become a more visible component in the landscape;
  • The new powerhouse and related structures will obscure and replace natural and built features of the landscape.

 Given the significance of these changes, it would seem to fall somewhere between myopic and self-seeking to claim / conclude / rationalize / promote that the Enerdu project will not be detrimental to the heritage character of our community. This initiative should not be allowed to proceed.

Neil Carleton