Sunday, May 15, 2022


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Ron McKay — obituary

McKay, Ronald "Ron" In hospital at Perth with...

Call for community gardeners at the Almonte Library

For the upcoming gardening season, the Neighbourhood...

Some alternative histories of Almonte, courtesy of artifical intellegence

Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms such as GPT-3...
Night Sky NewsStarGazers Ride - what we saw...

StarGazers Ride – what we saw…

  Cyclists were treated to views from 4 Dobsonian telescopes.   We managed to  dodge the  clouds to get fleeting glimpses of

  • planet Saturn
  • double stars
  • globular clusters
  • 'planetary' nebula (stars that have blown off  shells of gas at the end of their stellar evolutionary track)
  • galaxy pair, The Whirlpool Galaxy. Shown below are sketches made by amateurs – courtesy Astronomy Sketch of the Day

Sketches more closely mimic the experience of viewing the photons coming from space, bouncing off two mirrors,  and exiting the eypiece as a 'pencil' of light into your eye.

 (View the original image by double clicking on it)

  •   Messier 4 – a loose globular cluster next to Antares in Scorpio
  • Messier 13 – the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules

  • Messier 57 – the Ring Planetary Nebula
  • Double Double star, Epsilon Lyrae – pairs of truely bound gravitational systems
  • Messier 51, the Whirlpool Galaxy – two galaxies entwined…
  • Saturn was solid at times due to atmospheric soup – at times razor sharp…




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