Cyclists were treated to views from 4 Dobsonian telescopes.   We managed to  dodge the  clouds to get fleeting glimpses of

  • planet Saturn
  • double stars
  • globular clusters
  • 'planetary' nebula (stars that have blown off  shells of gas at the end of their stellar evolutionary track)
  • galaxy pair, The Whirlpool Galaxy. Shown below are sketches made by amateurs – courtesy Astronomy Sketch of the Day

Sketches more closely mimic the experience of viewing the photons coming from space, bouncing off two mirrors,  and exiting the eypiece as a 'pencil' of light into your eye.

 (View the original image by double clicking on it)

  •   Messier 4 – a loose globular cluster next to Antares in Scorpio
  • Messier 13 – the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules

  • Messier 57 – the Ring Planetary Nebula
  • Double Double star, Epsilon Lyrae – pairs of truely bound gravitational systems
  • Messier 51, the Whirlpool Galaxy – two galaxies entwined…
  • Saturn was solid at times due to atmospheric soup – at times razor sharp…