Monday, November 28, 2022
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Letters to the EditorStephen Brathwaite comments on Mill Street's Cuban Mix food truck

Stephen Brathwaite comments on Mill Street’s Cuban Mix food truck


Mill Street developer Stephen Brathwaite sent the following letter to members of Town Council.

Hi folks,

I understand that 6 people have written letters of complaint to the Town about the presence of the Cuban Mix truck on the old Peterson’s lot.

1 person has written a note saying they like it.  When people like things they tend not to write so I’m writing now in support.

The argument against is that it takes some of the food market away from those that occupy bricks and mortar and endure the slow winter months.  Some find the look “low class” or an “eyesore”.

The argument for is that it adds to the vitality and festive nature of the street, helps attract more people to the street, creates another food option, is temporary by definition on property that is earmarked for development, provides a small bit of revenue for the property owner (us) to offset taxes that the Town will want regardless of it being vacant, helps fill in a long empty stretch of the street.  “Gourmet” or exotic food trucks are trendy, add to the interesting character of the street and are a cheap alternative on a sunny day.

I note that the opposition has not complained about the presence of chip trucks or an ice cream stand that have been seasonal and accepted for as long as we can remember.

People that own a business benefit from more people enjoying their experience in Almonte.  For people that live downtown, it adds to the enjoyment of their neighbourhood.

The irony is that the owners (us) are trying hard to get a new condo project going on that site and have commissioned Barry Hobin Architect to do a preliminary concept.  This may take a couple of years to get going but the point is that the concession stands on this site are temporary and anything that adds to the enjoyment of the Town in the interim will only help in the long run.





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