Friday, December 2, 2022
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Arts & CultureTextile Museum offers “Travels in Textiles” course with Artist Anne Kelly

Textile Museum offers “Travels in Textiles” course with Artist Anne Kelly

Commemorate that fabulous trip or significant personal milestone, for yourself or someone else, with a unique piece of art handmade by you. On April 13, fibre artist Anne Kelly will conduct a workshop at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum where you will discover new art and textile techniques and processes and use them to create a unique and meaningful record of a journey, holiday, or memorable event. Using photographs, paper souvenirs (e.g., photos, postcards, brochures, maps) and other memorabilia from a recent trip or event, you will create a folding book or collage as a permanent memento. Anne will teach bonding techniques, printing and simple stitch methods with which to make this object.

The afternoon will begin with a look at contrasting ways to commemorate a journey or event, and ideas and plans for individual pieces will be discussed. This will be followed by a practical session to experiment with various techniques that can be used together to create a finished piece. Participants should be able to leave the course with the basis of a complete work, which they can continue to add to.

Anne will provide the bonding medium, some items for printing, and paper and fabric remnants to use as a base for your book or collage. It is recommended that you bring copies of photos, paper items, and brochures from the place/event that you are using as your theme, as well as any old domestic (not valuable) fabrics or scraps that can be recycled in your piece. Poems or words that express the feeling of your place would also be useful.

The cost for this workshop is $25.00 and $10 for a materials pack, if needed. Register now for an afternoon of creativity and fun by calling the Textile Museum at 256-3754 x6 or





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