Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Neighborhood Yard Sale, May 25

Neighborhood Yard Sale On Spring Street between Gale...

Be a Home Hospice North Lanark Hero!

Wondering what happened to our Spring Auction...
NewsThe Pakenham Fall Fair

The Pakenham Fall Fair

The outdoor portion fit perfectly with this  year's theme "the Village Green" as young people competed with their heifers, calves and horses.  While it was fun, there was some serious competition. 4-H competitors competed in the heifer and calf events, while there were 32 horse competitions as well as flower and vegetable and arts and crafts contests. 

 The 4-H Competition Heifer Competition 1

Reserve Champion Beef Heifer: William Roffey

Beef Competition Winner Craig Howie

Calf Competition

1st prize: Kayla Roffey
2nd prize Corbin McCord.
Champion Showperson : Charles Caldwell
Reserve Champion showperson: Taylor D Burt
Champion Beef Heifer: Michael Steel
Reserve Champion Beef Heifer: Craig Howie
Champion Steer: Charles Caldwell.


Pakenham Fair horse show winners:
High point heavy horse: Val and Alan Wilkinson
High point light horse: Robyn Lloyd
High point pony (a tie!): Leanne Argue & Skyla Smith

Arts and Crafts

Jan Smith won first prize in sewing with this attractive purse.

Sewing First Prize 


Merchants set up their booths with interesting wares for sale. Here Brian Riff of Victory Farm poses with his gentle alpaca. Mr. Riff said that he was raised on a farm and realized that traditional farm animals require a lot of care for very little return. In researching animals that require minimal care, he came across alpaca and once he met them, he "fell in love with them". Mr. Riff has had Victory Alpaca Farm since 1998. He had on display a variety of items made of alpaca including panchos and teddy bears.




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