Taking a leap from the CPR bridge into the deep water of ‘the bubble’ has been a rite of passage for Almonte teens for many decades.

But based on this press release from Lanark County, it looks like the bubble is done. We ask local young folks to take this seriously.

Millstone file photo

For immediate release, June 21, 2018

Lanark County is reminding residents that jumping from trail bridges within the County of Lanark is unsafe and strictly prohibited.

The County was advised by the Ontario Provincial Police that they are receiving reports of young people jumping into the Mississippi River from the fenced off and posted “No Trespassing” bridges located along the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (OVRT) in the Town of Almonte.

Representatives from Enerdu Power Systems Inc. have advised that the turbines which are located on the west side of the bridge where the youth were seen jumping is not currently being operated at full speed. Once the turbines are brought up to full speed, the pull into them will increase, thereby further increasing the risk for catastrophic injury.

The County of Lanark is reminding residents that it is extremely unsafe to jump from any bridge located along the OVRT and the potential exists for someone to be seriously hurt or killed.