Paintings created for the 2020 exhibit available for viewing on

We want to thank you for reaching out, expressing your dismay that we had to cancel our show, as well as for your support. It would have been this week that we would mount our work, and then open the doors on Saturday and Sunday for your visits.

We didn’t think twice about cancelling on March 12th. Many of you are our friends and our family. And, as happened in previous years, visitors have become part of our lives as collectors, friends and investors, of which we are very grateful. Your health and safety will always come first. | Showing our work online is but a poor alternative to an
in-person exhibit. It’s impossible to experience the work as it should be. When you visit our updated 2020 galleries, please consider:

  • the impact of Lily’s impressively-sized mixed-media creations.
  • the wild abandon of paint strokes of Kaija’snatural world.
  • Rosemary’svibrant, thought-provoking observations of the every day.
  • the level of skill in the images that come alive by Jill.
  • the sincerity of Marina’sstyle expressing our world and beyond.
  • Amelia’sexpression of mood and depth.
  • the many colours of whimsical art rendered by Maria.
  • the lush, layered plein air landscapes by Charlie.
  • Kathy’sexquisite eye for detail in rendering classic images.
  • the play of light on our local landscapes that Eileenloves to share.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase an artwork, please contact the artist directly or email

We look forward to receiving your feedback and are happy to answer your questions. We hope to see you at our show in 2021. Until then, our best wishes for your health and overall full recovery in the many ways this has affected all of us.

Eileen Hennemann