Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Arts & CultureTHREADBARE: Remnants of the Appleton textile mill revealed

THREADBARE: Remnants of the Appleton textile mill revealed

by Ingrid Kadoke

A great gift of living in Mississippi Mills is discovering the creative talents that are tucked away in the various hamlets of our community. Photographer Alison Ball is certainly one of these inspired individuals.  Based in Appleton she has spearheaded innumerable community conversations and initiatives, all the while using her photographic skills to record and comment on local milestones, social issues and the natural environment that surrounds us.

The Corridor Gallery is proud to showcase her newest exhibition:

THREADBARE: Remnants of the Appleton textile mill revealed

In her Artist’s Statement, Alison recounts the over 150-year history of the Appleton textile mills. Through her brilliant photography she reflects on the impact and persistence of synthetic textiles in the environment. In addition, a complimentary display of artifacts, documents and fabric samples from the Appleton textile mills is on view at the Corridor Gallery, courtesy of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (MVTM).

We invite you to visit the Corridor Gallery at the Mississippi Mills Public Library – Almonte Branch between March 14th and May 6th to enjoy and reflect on Alison’s dazzling photography and view treasures of the past entrusted to the MVTM.

For a preview of Alison’s work, please go to her exhibit website at:


For more information on the Corridor Gallery, or if you are interested in exhibiting your work, please contact Ingrid at

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