Friday, December 2, 2022
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Arts & CultureUkrainian fundraiser a big success! 

Ukrainian fundraiser a big success! 

The Mississippi Mills for Ukraine organizing group would like to send a big thank you to all the folks who helped make the event a huge success. So many people came together to make the day run really well. We accomplished a heck of a lot in 3 hours: but it took several weeks to make that happen.

It’s hard to start thanking individuals as every person who helped made it work: we were all cogs in that operation: no one could have been missing.


The volunteers from the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Orthodox Ukraine Cathedral made good on the promise of showing up with 200 dozen handmade pirogies which were sold out in 1/2 hour or so! The gorgeous handmade traditional Ukrainian Torte were sold out as well. Lots of raffle tickets were sold and the concert itself was sold out with a waiting list. Traditional painted eggs were on display for collectors and a wonderful Ukrainian Singing group in traditional embroidered outfits sang some Ukrainian Folks Songs on the steps of the Old Town Hall: this was a particular thrill for everyone buying treats and folks walking by!

The local musicians who played in the concert did an amazing job. So many thanks for all of them for their inspirational music.

Laurence Ewashko and his 30 voice Ensemble really wowed the audience with several very beautiful and haunting traditional Ukrainian songs : 2 of Laurence’s Students from the U of O choral program he heads performed solos.

The end of the concert was very emotional with the singing of the Ukrainian National Anthem and then the the Canadian National Anthem.

It was a remarkable way to end the day.

I want to in particular thank the other members of Mississippi Mills for Ukraine for hustling around to make sure the day worked well. Thanks Angus Affleck for being our MC.  Cathy Reside, Melissa Parsons, Jeff Mills and Bob Barnett did too many things to even being to enumerate!

Thanks to Jennifer Noxon for performing with her group but also for being artistic director for the day. Thanks also to Tracey Wyeth who brilliantly handled things as stage manager.  Susan Woodley and Amelia Ah You were super raffle ticket sellers. Allan Brown sold beautiful gift cards made by Coral Nault (with vintage Ukrainian Decorated eggs on them). Rose Tekel, Carol Farmer, Bill Treusch, Donna Sloan and Cara Wildesmith all came out to help with the pre-concert hustle. George Yaremchuk, Brendan Gawn and Ken Kicksee helped as concert technicians. Ken helped make sure the hall was all put back to rights at the end of the day. Mike  Reynolds made sure tents and flags and tables were looked after before and after the concert.

The Humm, Tickets Please, Patrice’s Independent Grocery Store, Hummingbird Chocolate, Equator Coffee, Pixl Works all helped us out a lot with donations of their time, materials and expertise.

And just one more big thanks for everyone who supported the day by coming to the concert. All told with ticket sales, food and other donations we earned about $10,000 for our cause.

Other fundraising is being planned: in particular Rachelle Elie’s RagBag Cabaret which will be held at the Almonte Old Town Hall on May 27th. The money raised from that concert will go to help with our mission to help bring displaced Ukrainians now in Poland mainly, to our town.

We will be taking donations soon when our official bank account is up and running. If you would like to help with things needed by Ukrainians coming to Mississippi Mills, there is a form you can fill out on our Facebook page: Mississippi Mills for Ukraine.  To get in touch about donating or other questions our email address is

Event co-organizer Chandler Swain




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