EDITOR’S NOTE: We have received this update from the Almonte Community Coordinators (ACC) board of directors:

Almonte Community Co-ordinators (ACC): HUB & Rebound Update 

The ACC held its fall membership meeting September 25. There was great attendance and a number of people expressed an interest in joining the ACC. As a volunteer-based organization we have many volunteer experiences available. We will be reaching out to new members in the coming days to invite them to join our fantastic team of volunteers.

Staff Update

It was evident at the meeting that we all share a common interest in ensuring the founding HUB values of service and community support continue to help move the mission forward. The Board listened and heard concerns voiced by the members related to changes for the ACC staff with the temporary relocation of the HUB. Working together we were able to further build a solution for the employees, which allows staff to choose an option that best fits their circumstances and preferences. In brief, staff will have an opportunity to try out the revised job description for a period of weeks. Should the staff member find that the new role is not a fit for them during the trial period, they can access the severance package presented in the original offer.

Volunteer Roles

We also heard many questions related to volunteer activity descriptions. While the temporary relocation of the HUB to a combined HUB/Rebound required a reworking of job description for staff, there are no anticipated changes to the expectations around volunteer roles.  For example: there is no lifting or standing requirement for volunteers, now or planned. In fact, it is our hope the combined HUB/Rebound spaces will offer an expanded list of volunteer activities to suit a wide range of interests and skills. If you’re not sure what type of volunteer opportunities exist, please reach out and ask!

Move Date & Thanksgiving Garage Sale

Our move date is the end of October. Plans for the move are well underway. We need to prepare the new combined HUB/Rebound space and close out the existing HUB. The Futures Committee continues its work to make recommendations for a permanent solution. We are working hard with our volunteers and staff to organize the combined space. We are also planning a giant garage sale on Saturday, October 7th at Rebound. Come and join us to find treasures and to see the new space as a work in progress.

Stay ‘In The Know’

With so much happening we will be keeping you ‘in the know’ with frequent updates posted to our website and on the Millstone. As always if you have any questions or would like further information please feel welcome to connect with any of the current members of the ACC Board of Directors.