Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz – March 25, 2023

by Diana Filer 1.  How many elements are...

For sale: Futon couch, $400

Add a stylish, sturdy futon couch to...

A Wonderful Leg-Up for Local Students: The MVFN Cliff Bennett Nature Bursary 

Annually, the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists (MVFN)...
LivingWomen in arts and business join to support AGH

Women in arts and business join to support AGH

CoCreateHER is a movement; it partners creative women with businesswomen for the purpose of raising money so that other women may benefit. 

This month’s CoCreateHER campaign runs from February 8, 2020 to March 8, 2020 at 8008 Lingerie, 14 Mill Street in the magical community of Almonte, Ontario, Canada.


Creative Woman: Corry McClure is an abstract artist who enjoys challenging herself with different mediums, acrylic, watercolour and ink, and different art styles: landscape, impressionism, and primitivism. Corry has been painting since 2016 and enjoys the creative escape from her day to day activities as a consultant.

Business Woman: Kathy Duncan, owner of 8008 Lingerie since 2018, is passionate about French lace and providing women with comfortable bras. She is a dynamic businesswoman who enjoys supporting community initiatives that provide artists with a place to promote their art.

Women Beneficiary: Replacing outdated equipment and purchasing new technology are ongoing priorities for the Hospital and for our community. CoCreateHER is here to help the Obstetrical Unit & the DI Campaign to ensure that new technology is available. Early diagnosis is key for supporting women’s health.

How it Works:

  1. Review the different art pieces.
  2. Below is a list of the names of the different pieces, their medium, size and an estimated valued range for bidding
  3. Select your amount
  4. Pay your cash donation to Kathy Duncan. She will store it in an envelope with other donations. Final bidding is March 7. 2020. Total amount will be calculated and donation will be made to Almonte General Hospital- Louise Beckinsale.
  5. Fill out the corresponding ticket with your name and contact information
  6. Take your art to it’s new home. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS COMMUNITY CAUSE!
  1. Courageous Beauty-Acrylic on Canvas. 12×14 “. Value ($25-$75)
  2. Armher-Acrylic on Canvas. 12 x 30”. Value ($100-$200)
  3. Roots & Limbs – Acrylic on Canvas. 24 x 30” ($125-$225)
  4. Cat B- Acrylic on Canvas. 24 x 30” ($125- $225)
  5. Gabriella- Acrylic on Canvas. 12 x 30” ($100- $200)
  6. Source- Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 30” ($100- $200)
  7. Cynane- Acrylic on Canvas. 9 x 24” ($75- $150)
  8. ______________________________________
  9. _______________________________________
  10. _______________________________________




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