Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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Letters to the EditorWriter objects to dragonfly study

Writer objects to dragonfly study

August 28,2015

To the mayor and council of Mississippi Mills

RE: Town report of mythical dragonfly

Please do not spend any of our tax money on a consultant to prove or disprove the existence of these mosquito eaters.

The MVCA carried out a construction job in Metcalfe park this summer. If any problems for dragonfly’s within meters of their supposed habitat were foreseen, the project would not have been carried out.

The wording “ town report “ was an obvious attempt to deceive the taxpayers. The author’s personal vendetta against the enerdu project must be stopped.

If our mayor and council had helped the enerdu project with permits allowing the “green energy” powerhouse upgrade to proceed in a timely fashion, it could have been a boon for the town. The council could have negotiated with the owner for at portion of the profits to go into a fund for special projects ie parks in the town. This is no longer an option due to the blindness of our mayor and council.

Dennis Donahue

Almonte ON




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