1.  Lake Country in Canada is on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia.

 2. The Group of Seven was also referred to as the Algonquin School.

3.  Tiger Woods is this year’s PGA Tour Player of the Year for the 11th time.

4.  An adult male swan is a cob.

5.  An adult fruit fly lives from 8 to 10 days.  

Diana’s friend, David Suzuki, made the following interesting comment about the commercial development of fly larvae.

Now a company, Enterra Food, is growing soldier flies on vegetable and meat wastes.  We get paid by the city to divert the waste from landfills, the larvae are harvested and sold for fish food and the digested food pooped out brings a premium price as fertilizer.  We’re building three plants in Canada and the US this year to process a thousand tons a day in each one.  Isn’t that neat?  David