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Living'5 Wednesdays in July' takes pulse of community

‘5 Wednesdays in July’ takes pulse of community

Friends of Augusta Street Park engage with neighbours each Wednesday in July

5 Wednesdays in July free concerts in Augusta Street Park continue to grow in popularity with some concerts seeing over 300 guests this year. This Wednesday marks the last of this year’s offerings.  You won’t want to miss it! Returning to our stage is Terry Tufts (fresh from the Kemptville Live Music Festival) at 6 then Walking with Crows closing out the series at 7. Local “kid from the hood” musician, Taylor Walters, will play a warm-up gig on the basketball court during our stage set up at 5. This last of the series includes a community potluck dinner so bring your favourite dish or anything you can muster, along with your personal plate, cutlery, and cup for what’s always one of Mississippi Mills best meals.

Friends of Augusta Street Park ask park participants their impressions and aspirations for Mississippi Mills

Taking an appreciative approach to citizen engagement, Friends of Augusta Street Park, asked participants (ages ranged from young children to senior adults) of their ever-popular concert series, 5 Wednesdays in July, three simple questions. Here’s what people said.

CHERISH  “What do you love about Mississippi Mills?

July 4th:

  • Great festivals
  • Festivals and parks (don’t sell anymore!)
  • All the positive energy of the residents
  • The people
  • The community spirit
  • The water
  • The park
  • Waterfalls
  • Everything
  • Metcalf Geoheritage Park
  • The people, music, art, and our new home
  • The councillors who voted against spraying wild parsnips
  • Parks and free space
  • The people
  • The river
  • Trees and waterfalls
  • Community events
  • Its natural beauty, walking trail, great restaurants, shops and friendly people

July 11th:

  • The councillors who care about our environment, pollinators, health, and the ones who oppose spraying wild parsnips and barriers
  • People

July 18th:

  • All the clever people who oppose spraying of wild parsnips and barriers; KEEP OUR POLLINATORS ALIVE!!!
  • We love the friendly people and excellent activities
  • The beautiful meandering main street, flanked by the river. Doesn’t get much better than that!
  • Common community support and pride by all!
  • Magical because of the falls running through town. Fantastic neighbours over the last 4 years Kayaking at the end of my street in the Mississippi sunset


July 4th:

  • An indoor swimming pool
  • Trees
  • More banning spraying of wild parsnips and guard rails
  • Party in the park all summer!
  • Picnic tables
  • Trees to replace the dying ash and surplus of grass in the parks
  • Porchfest
  • More volunteers
  • More bike lanes
  • Splash pad, more trees!
  • Local municipal composting (green bins)!
  • Mist mushiens
  • Music in the parks
  • Walking and cycling trails
  • Plant more trees!
  • More shade/trees in Gemmill
  • Housing for all
  • Local green space expanded

July 11th:

  • Outdoor activities
  • More councillors who care about OUR environment

July 18th:

  • More food being grown everywhere; Canadian food grown on Canadian soil by Canadians for Canadians to eat
  • Less political conflict/drama in M. Mills and their relationships with surrounding townships.
  • peopoll owt side (People outside)

DREAM “In a perfect world, what will our town look like in five years?

July 4th:

  • Clean swimming area
  • Not polluted
  • Parks & trails to encourage visitors to our vibrant downtown. More trees (natives)
  • More summer gatherings like 5 Wednesdays
  • No plastic bottles
  • There will be waterparks
  • Plastic water bottle and plastic shopping bag-free town
  • A great rail trail
  • More public transit
  • Swimming pools
  • Affordable music lessons in all schools
  • More trees
  • The Hub will be back on Main Street
  • Less cars, more walkers/cyclists
  • More local food production
  • Inexpensive rental properties

July 11th:

  • We’ll have food growing on every available patch of land
  • Sustainable home

July 18th:

  • Todmorden UK
  • It will have hovercars and bike shoulders
  • Similar to today, with a little growth, while preserving the ‘rural’ look, pathways, trees
  • No snowmobiles, or ATVs in town limits! (also they come down Queen St. @ 1-4am!)

Help us sustain this little music festival that could!

This week the questions are –

“What do you love about 5 Wednesdays in July at Augusta Park?”

“Who do you know who should play at one of our concerts?”

“How can you help to make 5 Wednesdays in July one of the best free community music events around?”

See you this Wednesday!

5 Wednesdays in July concerts are “friend-raising” events in Augusta Street Park supported by Mills Community Support.




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