re:porter, the glossy magazine published by Toronto’s Porter Airlines and distributed to the 2.45 million passengers who take its flights each year, carried a feature story on Almonte (PDF format) in its March/April 2013 issue.

Extensively illustrated, the story profiles a variety of local businesses and attractions. The Textile Museum receives special attention, as do the Almonte Riverside Inn, Heritage Court, Tin Barn Market, Fulton’s and other Almonte destinations.

Titled “Post-Industrial Revolution”, the story says of our town:

Almonte, Ontario, was once referred to as “North America’s Manchester,” but that outdated sobriquet hardly captures the enchanting, quaint appeal of this historic town, a half-hour drive from Ottawa… in recent years, that industry has been supplanted by a growing tourism trade, which makes the most of the town’s historic infrastructure. Today, many of Almonte’s former mills have been retrofitted and converted into adorable shops, museums and gourmet restaurants.

Read the story here (PDF)