Perianne Jones and Jacob in Almonte
Almonte’s Olympian, Perianne Jones is interviewed by Jacob BlueJay at the Naismith statue in Almonte

Puppets Up[! interviewer Jacob Bluejay interviewed Almonte’s Olympian Perianne Jones in front of Baker Bob’s in Almonte.  Jacob was interested in chatting with Perianne because she has agreed to come back to Almonte in August to marshal the parade for the annual Puppets Up! gathering on August 8-10,2014.

Perianne was here in Almonte for a few days this past week visiting family and  making stops at several local schools to visit with and speak to various groups of students. She also helped to kick off  Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month on Saturday May 31.

Before Peri leaves to go back to Canmore she will be in Ottawa for a couple of days to meet up with many of her Olympic team mates in Ottawa  to participate in the Celebration of Excellence. This event is organized by the Canadian Government (the Canadian Olympic Committee to honour our Olympians and raise funds  for future Olympic teams.The website for this event is here.