OTF grant to help increase mental health literacy for local youth

 TYPS Almonte’s Youth Centre is a proud recipient of a $132,500 grant through the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) to support a three-year project aimed at increasing mental health literacy amongst youth in Almonte and surrounding areas. The OTF grant is helping to hire a full time Mental Health Worker for the duration of the project, and support five key initiatives. The initiatives include:

  1. A 37 Skills Program that will be delivered through TYPS Almonte’s Youth Centre starting in September. This program will be free and open to all youth and will provide weekly workshops aimed at promoting mental health and resiliency by teaching life skills, self-care, creativity, self-expression and more. Some examples of activities can range from silk screening t-shirts, learning how to bake, writing a résumé, first aid etc…
  2. An In School Mental Health Initiative in partnership with Almonte and District High School [ADHS]. The Mental Health Worker will work alongside ADHS’s Child and Youth Worker to provide in school programming for all students in grades 7-12 on topics like bullying and the bystander, self-esteem, mental health, coping with stress and confidence.
  3. Peer Mentoring Corps/Youth Media Moguls, a program designed to recruit and train youth volunteers to provide basic peer support, advice and referrals. These mentors will have weekly check-ins with the Mental Health Worker, as well as gain a wealth of knowledge in leadership, communication and mental health promotion.
  4. A Professional Development Program offered on a monthly basis to youth centre staff from all five area youth centers in Lanark County as well as parents and interested community members. These monthly workshops will be focused on relevant youth issues and include training in youth mental health, suicide prevention, bullying, substance use and community resources.
  5. Knowledge Transfer will be available following the project to identify successes, challenges and lesson learned throughout the project. This document will be available to the general public and will include a systematic analysis of the entire mental health program as well as significant findings and recommendations.


 Taking Young People Seriously (TYPS) Almonte’s Youth Centre aims to provide the youth of Mississippi Mills with inclusive social and developmental programs and opportunities in a supportive environment. TYPS has been running youth programming in Almonte since 1995.

 A leading grant-maker in Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives. An agency of the Government of Ontario, OTF builds healthy and vibrant communities.