Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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Letters to the EditorAnother Hydro One horror story from reader Gordon Beck

Another Hydro One horror story from reader Gordon Beck

hydroGood people:  Reading the barbed tirade against Hydro One by Tracy Simmons I was forced to re-live my personal nightmare. I moved from Montreal to Ontario looking forward to lower taxes. My wife and I purchased and restored a heritage stone house in Merrickville adding in floor heating, double pane heritage windows, insulating all walls and the basement and buying a 100% efficient electric furnace with all the bells and whistles. Our first electricity bill from   was a kick in the teeth and it went downhill from there. Some newly minted friends from the area who were engineers told us horror stories of the  clique of incompetents that have created the dysfunctional quagmire that is Hydro One. There was no  natural gas delivery in the area in which we were located and our winter bills were over $600 forcing us to finally move to Brockville and enjoying the benefits of natural gas but if a province wide protest could be organized I would gladly march in the front row.

Gordon Beck  




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