Thursday, May 26, 2022


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Almonte Civitan Fish Fry – Friday, June 17

It has been a challenge for service...

CANCELLED – MMLT Annual Spring Walk at Blueberry Mountain 

The Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust has decided... hospital lottery 4th early-bird draw delayed by one week

The hospital lottery early-bird draw scheduled...
EnerduAnother perspective on the Enerdu project

Another perspective on the Enerdu project

Figure 1: Current powerhouse
Figure 1: Current powerhouse

Perhaps it is time for another perspective re the Enerdu project.

A great deal has been made of the objections of some 300-500 people to this proposal. This is about 10% of the population of Almonte and at best 5% of the population of Mississippi Mills. It is no surprise that the other 90% who do not have serious objections have remained virtually silent. This is par for the course.

Had the early settlers of the area not used the resources of the Mississippi River, there would be no Town of Almonte to-day. They harnessed the river to power flour and woolen mills and later to provide electricity for the town. Those who lived along the river below the fairgrounds built retaining walls that disrupted the flow and appearance of the river, just to preserve their property and to make them more attractive, with little or no concern for the river.

Perhaps these retaining walls should be removed, as should the old riverside buildings and power plants so that the river can revert to its natural flowing and erosion patterns..

How far is the opposition to the Enerdu project prepared to go in its concern for the return of the river to its natural state?

A few weeks ago, I took my wife of 51 years, 40 of which have been mostly in Almonte, to the Barley Mow so that we could see, perhaps for the last time, the Mississippi River, which, according to some people, is going to disappear in a year or two.

My only advice to the developers of the Enerdu project is to do as much as possible to make the project fit with the current appearance of the existing landscape and not to paint it a bright red as is shown in the models and designs created by those opposed.

Bob Yaremko
47 Malcolm Street




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