by Diana Filer

1. ‘The Mull of Kintyre’ is the southwestern most tip of the Kintyre Peninsula in southwest Scotland.
2. Spongee is a hockey-like game which originated in Winnipeg.  It is played with a sponge puck.
3. The most successful slave revolt in history was the Haitian Revolution, with began with a slave uprising on the island of Saint Domingue and ended with the founding of an independent state which became Haiti.
4. The Constitutional Act, an act of the British Parliament which passed 230 years ago in 1791, divided the then province of Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada, thus becoming the first step on the path to Confederation.
5. Tuareg men of the Muslim Berber tribes of the Sahara wear veils in public. The women are free to divorce, to go without veils in public, and to head their families.