Friday, December 2, 2022
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Almonte General Hospital CT scanner going to tender

CT campaign reboot takes place More than 60...

Please keep help supporting orphans in Haiti

Christmas at a Locally Sponsored Orphanage in...

Craft sale to support Union Hall renovations, December 10

Union Hall renovations funded through craft sales, donations In...
Diana's QuizAnswers to Diana's Quiz - July 30, 2016

Answers to Diana’s Quiz – July 30, 2016

  1.  quiz15The word for the score of zero in tennis comes from the French word ‘oeuf’ – egg – which is the shape of a zero.  Also, tennis derives from the French ‘tenez’, which can be defined as ‘hold’ in English.
  2.  The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh is considered to be the earliest surviving great work of literature, coming from Mesopotamia in 2100 BC.
  3.  White sugar has the molasses removed from it.
  4.  Former Prime Minister George Papandreou of Greece attended high school in Toronto when his family was exiled from their country.
  5.  A quipu is a long cord with different-coloured strings of different lengths attached to it. It was first and primarily used by the Incas of the Andes mountains as a memory device to communicate and record numerical information based on the decimal system.  It was their way to record accounting, vital statistics, and even some of the tales of the people.




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