by Diana Filer

1.  Fungible items are goods or commodities that can be traded one for the other, unlike, for example, a house or a car, which are examples of non-fungible items.
2.  Shea butter is a fatty substance obtained from the nuts of the shea tree, used in cosmetics, skin preparations and food.
3.  William Booth, an English Methodist preacher, in 1878 founded the Salvation Army along with his wife Catherine in London’s East End.
4.  The new Chief of Canada’s Defence Staff is Vice-Admiral Art McDonald, succeeding retiring General  Jonathan Vance.
5.  March 17th is the date of St Patrick’s death in 461AD in Kilpatrick, Ireland. The St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City originated on March 17, 1762, when a band of homesick Irishmen serving in the British military in the colony decided to march in the city to commemorate the Day.