by Diana Filer

1.  A V8 is a piston engine with 8 cylinders where the crankshaft forms a ‘V’ in the placement of the cylinders.
2.  French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps was responsible for forming The Suez Canal Company for the construction of the Suez Canal, which officially opened in 1869.
3.  Taekwon-do, a martial art, was developed in the 1940s and 1950s in Korea..  ‘Tae’ means ‘foot’, ‘kwon’ means ‘hand’ and ‘do’ means ‘art’ in the Korean language..
4.  Gualtier Malde was the pseudonym of the Duke of Mantua when pursuing his plan to seduce Rigoletto’s daughter in the Verdi opera.
5.  The Mississippi Snye is a wetlands stream in Ontario, a downstream tributary of Ontario’s Mississippi River.