1.  The beak of the Darwin’s Finch of the Galapagos Islands can change shape, the change thus also affecting the songs it sings.

2.  Cochineal is a parasite native to Mexico and South America.  It produces carminic acid used primarily for food colouring and in lipsticks, and has regained favour due to health fears over artificial food additives.

3.  The Scot John Grierson coined the word ‘documentary’, which he defined as ‘the creative treatment of reality’, while he was working in the United States.  After returning to Scotland, he later came to Canada and became the first Commissioner of the National Film Board.

4.  Minerva was often accompanied by an owl in artistic depictions.

5.  Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger, had over 50 international hits during his career.  The hit that made him a household name in North America is ‘I’m Movin’ On’.