1. quizDamien Warner is a one of Canada’s most winning  decathletes.  He has been called the anonymous superstar, most recently winning several medals last week at the World Championships in Beijing and at the Pan Am Games last month in Toronto.
  2.  Vocal fry is laryngealization, a croak or creak (and several other terms), an increasingly common phenomenon among young women consisting of a rattling or popping vocal vibration at the lowest register.  It’s…“the guttural growl as a Valley girl might sound if she’d been shouting herself hoarse at a rave all night”.
  3.  As of this April, the longest non-stop flight is from the Dallas/Fort Worth (USA) airport to Sydney, Australia, 13,804 kilometres.  As of February, 2016, the longest non-stop flight is scheduled to be an Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to Panama City, a distance of 13,821km, to be travelled in 17 hours and 35 minutes westbound.
  4.  Pertussis in commonly known as ‘whooping cough’.
  5.  Lear disinherited Cordelia because she could not honestly say how much she loved him when he challenged his 3 daughters as he was about to divide his realm amongst them, planning to give the largest share to the one who loved him most.  Regan and Goneril declared their love and so the angry Lear divided Cordelia’s share between them both.