by Brent Eades

Looking through the more than 700 historic Almonte photos that Michael Dunn shares with me on I came across this very interesting postcard showing the view down Bay Hill, with the current Hillside RP Church at the right.

Click for larger view

As with some other images I’ve published on the Millstone, this one comes from a Mr. O.E. Henderson, who was a stationer here in town in the later 19th century. I assume he commissioned these images for sale in his store.

I find this image interesting for several reasons: first, how little the view has essentially changed in over a hundred years; second, how the green space there has been preserved over all this time; and last — what is the body of flowing water just to the left of the church?

I took a walk near there last weekend, and while it’s marshy — and there is a lovely waterfall behind the church (see below) — there is certainly not a full-fledged river or creek there now. Does anyone know the story here?