The EMC has two recent articles providing  good coverage of the August 12 Council meeting at which councillors voted on a motion drawn up on Councillor Shaun McLaughlin and five other councillors to formally disapprove of the Enerdu project. The Council voted 7-3 to pass the motion.

Enerdu’s project manager appears unconcerned about this vote, stating that the town may say what it likes but the decision rests  with the province and Enerdu will not change its plans.

Mayor Levi and Councillor Ferguson voted against the motion, giving as their reasons the lack of available detail, in Mayor Levi’s words and lack of clarity in the motion, in Councillor Ferguson’s opinion.

Councillor McLaughlin indicated that the council is pro-development but that the merchants and residents object to the Enerdu project. Merchants and residents fear that the project will destroy the aesthetic attraction of the Mississippi River  at Almonte, damage a budding tourism industry and increase the risk of flooding.