by Peter Nelson

Whenever possible, the huts were elevated, built on poles to raise them above the ground.  This kept the interior cleaner and drier, and also safe from poisonous snakes and insects and hungry pigs.  And see that long line of bamboo running from the hut downhill to the right?  It’s not a fence, it’s a plumbing system!  That’s right.  It provides running water to the hut’s residents.
The village spinners.
Cattle provided milk and meat, but during the dry season, which is when we were there, there wasn’t much for them to eat, so they’re a bit on the thin side.
A field scene.
A young mother and her baby.  Most adults smoked a pipe.  And notice her ornate headwear.  Each woman makes her own.  They spend a lot of time working on them, and they are prized possessions.
The village seen from a distance.  You can see how dry it is.  That’s a bamboo plant in the left foreground.